2018-07-31 - Announcing Checklists

We've launched the new Checklists feature to enhance your experience when using IT Glue. Not only are we freeing minds through documentation and SOPs, we now free your mind by providing this strategic planning tool.

You've been asking for it and we've delivered. Starting today, you can now create checklists for any number of projects you have. Have all the steps required for completing a process at your fingertips.  

How can Checklists help you?

They help with recurring processes that are not performed every day. For example, you might onboard a new client a few times a month. The people performing those tasks are normally busy with other work. Checklists let you delegate the task to someone else.

Some key benefits of using our new feature are:

  • Save time - you don't need to spend time remembering the steps, so you can devote the entire time on getting the task done.
  • Delegate - checklist makes delegating the task easier. Your checklist clearly describes what is expected of the delegate to successfully complete the task. 
  • Accountability - using the My Tasks option, view all outstanding tasks for yourself and your team.
  • Reach your goals quicker - when you break your checklist down into bite-sized pieces they seem much more attainable.
  • Consistency - checklists allow all staff to deliver consistent service, which is perceived as better services by your clients.

Ready to explore what Checklists can offer you and how to set up your first one? Check out the following articles:

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We also provide you with some example checklists in:

Workstation deployment checklist

Employee onboarding checklist

Training session checklist 

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