Pulseway PSA two-way sync

For partners subscribed to Select or Enterprise Plans

If you are integrated with Pulseway PSA, you will want to take advantage of the PSA two-way sync. Two-way sync allows you to update changed asset types, such as Organizations, Configurations, Contacts, and Locations that are syncing with Pulseway, directly in IT Glue. With one-way sync, selected synced fields were read-only because data coming from Pulseway was prioritized over the data in IT Glue.


  • You must have Manager or Administrator access to IT Glue
  • An integration with Pulseway PSA


  1. Navigate to Account > Integrations > Actions > Sync Settings.


  2. Select the Account and Asset types you wish to sync.



  3. Navigate to Sync Settings.


    Note: The two-way sync checkbox is disabled by default (this only allows a one-way pull of information from Pulseway PSA in to IT Glue).
  4. Select Enable two-way sync. Click Save.


    After you turn on two-way sync, updates made to synced asset types and statuses selected on the Sync Settings page are pushed to Pulseway PSA. 

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