Pulseway PSA two-way sync

For partners subscribed to Select or Enterprise Plans

If you are integrated with Pulseway PSA, you will want to take advantage of the PSA two-way sync. Two-way sync allows you to update changed asset types, such as Organizations, Configurations, Contacts, and Locations that are syncing with Pulseway, directly in IT Glue. With one-way sync, selected synced fields were read-only because data coming from Pulseway was prioritized over the data in IT Glue.


  • You must have Manager or Administrator access to IT Glue.
  • You must have an integration with Pulseway PSA set up.


  1. In IT Glue, navigate to Account > Integrations > Pulseway PSA. Click the Actions drop-down and select Sync Settings.


  2. In the Sync Settings tab, select the Account and Asset Types you wish to sync.


  3. In the Two-Way Sync Settings tab, review the Enable two-way sync setting. Uncheck this function if desired. For partners with Network Glue and Active Directory enabled, configure your contact attributes so that new contacts created from Active Directory are automatically pushed to your PSA (learn more here).


  4. Finally, click Save. The sync will be automatically queued.

After you turn on two-way sync, updates made to synced asset types and statuses selected on the Sync Settings page are pushed to Pulseway PSA.

Two-way syncing for pre-populated Pulseway PSA

With two-way syncing, IT Glue lets you update field values that are syncing with Pulseway directly in IT Glue. These changes will then immediately push to Pulseway.

When you enable two-way syncing, this does not automatically push to Pulseway any organizations, configurations, contacts, or locations that were in IT Glue before the first sync or that are imported later on. You would need to edit and save these as confirmation that you want these new items created in Pulseway.

Pushing All Syncable Assets from IT Glue when switching to or adapting to Pulseway PSA

For partners who are switching to Pulseway from another PSA or adopting Pulseway as their first PSA solution, you can complete a one-time push to have all your data synced. As IT Glue is your single source of truth, this push allows you to quickly sync all your well-documented assets in one go rather than having to manually edit, save, and push each one before completing a sync. Refer to our Pushing all syncable assets to PSA KB article for more details.

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