2018-09-26 - Introducing Continuum Help Desk Integration

IT Glue has added more functionality to your integration with Continuum.

IT Glue and Continuum have announced that you can integrate Continuum Help Desk with IT Glue.

Our integration with Continuum Help Desk means one knowledge source for both your in-house and Continuum technicians. 

How does it benefit you?

  • Use GlueConnect to grant Continuum Help Desk access to your IT Glue account
  • A single source of knowledge provides smooth and consistent IT support for your clients
  • Eliminate time wasted looking for data across multiple systems and platforms
  • Granular security control of which organizations are shared with Continuum Help Desk
  • Full visibility into Continuum Help Desk technicians’ activities, with detailed activity logs

To learn more and how to integrate Continuum Help Desk with IT Glue, please read Continuum Help Desk Integration Using GlueConnect.

If you are already using Continuum RMM and haven't yet set up your integration, please read Integrating with Continuum.

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