Follow these instructions to create an overview of backup schedules and processes. Link the devices involved in the backup system, as well as procedures and documentation.

If you're just getting started with IT Glue, you might let your team's backup specialist enter your backup documentation using the Global > Completion table.

Keep in mind that for larger sites you may have multiple technologies or schedules deployed with a combination of bare metal and file-based backup. Each of these solutions will generally work best as separate entries in the Backups list view. Use the description field to help identify each one.


  • The relevant source and destination devices are entered as configurations.
  • You have the necessary credentials to access backup consoles.
  • Visit Account > Flexible Asset Types > Backup to ensure the available fields and drop-down options are in line with the information you want to capture. For the Backup Window fields, extra options may be required.
    Note: Backups can vary in complexity and needs. You may have several fields to add that will not be used in all cases.


  1. Navigate to the organization you are onboarding.
  2. Click on Backup in the left sidebar and then on the + New button in the top-right corner.


  3. In the Create Backup screen, complete each of the below fields: 
    • In the original template design, the Backup Platform and Backup Description are merged to produce the title. For example, if AppAssure is the platform and All Servers is the description, this will produce an entry entitled AppAssure All Servers.
    • Backup Technology - Select the backup technology from the drop-down list.
    • Next Verification - Capture the next backup verification or test restore date as an expiration date to bring that information to the organization dashboard.
    • Backup Window - Select an appropriate window from the drop-down list.
    • Backup Frequency - Enter the backup frequency.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In the Related Items section, tag any procedures that have been created such as a procedure on how to restore a file from a backup.
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