IT Glue's powerful search feature allows you to quickly find information without you having to exit the screen you're working in. This article provides an overview on how to make the most of your search capability in IT Glue. For general best practices on this topic, please read our Search best practices KB article.

Search scopes in IT Glue

All search engines should be simple, efficient, and accurate. To achieve this, the IT Glue search feature intuitively selects the right search scope for you based on two scenarios:

  • If you begin your search outside of an organization, IT Glue Search defaults the search to a global level only. This means you are searching information from across all organizations you have access to.
  • If you begin your search within an organization, IT Glue Search will search within the organization you are currently viewing. However, you'll also have the option of quickly toggling the search parameters between organizational and global. To do so, simply click the globe/house icon in the search bar.


Keyboard shortcuts

Using keyboard shortcuts can make your search experience more convenient. From any screen in IT Glue, you can begin your search in three ways:

  • Clicking the Search bar at the top of the screen
  • Pressing "Q" on your keyboard
  • Pressing "/" on your keyboard
Note: All three methods above will only launch a global search if you begin your search outside of an organization. If you begin your search within an organization, press "Q" to launch an organizational search. Clicking the search bar or pressing "/" within an organization will launch a global search with the option of toggling to organizational search.

You can also search for a specific asset type by pressing one of the keys below:

To search for... Use shortcut...
Configurations C
Contacts E
Documents D
Domains W
Flexible Assets F
Locations L
Organizations O
Passwords P
SSL Certificates S
Tickets T

Start searching in IT Glue

As you start typing in the Search bar, results will be listed in order of relevance. The top results are associated with the Name field in IT Glue, followed by results for other fields. All the Types will also be displayed.

Check the preview pane to the right of the results list to confirm you've found the right item. You can use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through more previews.

Clicking any of the items in the list will take you directly to its location in the platform.


Search from any webpage

The IT Glue Chrome Extension enables searching IT Glue from any open webpage using the "Q" shortcut. For more information on how to set up the Chrome Extension, refer to our Quick guide for the IT Glue Chrome Extension and Using IT Glue Quick Search for Chrome Extension KB articles.

Show recently viewed items

Use the '.'(period) shortcut to quickly open and close the recently viewed items menu. The shortcut opens a drop-down menu that shows you the last nine items you viewed. Click on an item to be taken to one of the pages you want to revisit. You can also press the corresponding item number on your keyboard to visit the page.


Additional Quick Search shortcuts

Check out these additional keyboard shortcuts to further enhance how you use Search in IT Glue:

Action Shortcut

Open the highlighted result in the current tab


Open the highlighted result in a new tab in the background (leave search open in the current tab)

Ctrl + Enter

Cmd + Enter

Open one result at a time in a new tab in the background (leave search open in the current tab)

Ctrl + Click

Cmd + Click

Cycle the search scope forward through the different asset types

(Shift + Tab reverses direction)

Toggle the search scope between the current organization and all organizations

Alt + G

Option+ G

Display keyboard shortcuts

Alt + /

Option + /

Clear text in the search input/Exit current context

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