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Put your learning to the test and become an IT Glue Certified Professional, demonstrating your knowledge of documentation best practices and expertise at using and administering IT Glue.

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About IT Glue Academy

Our academy is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of the core features of IT Glue, including an in-depth look at integration and documenting apps and services.

What courses are there?

Currently, there are four courses available:

Getting Started with IT Glue

In this first series, you will explore several key components needed to understand IT Glue.

First, learn what IT Glue does and how to find information in it.

Next, learn how to navigate through IT Glue using built-in tools and lists.

Then, learn about IT Glue’s Core Assets and how these assets are the building blocks of the Apps and Services you manage for your clients and for yourself.

Finally, we will look at IT Glue’s Apps and Services component and its ability to logically store information on the services you manage for your clients.

Understanding Integrations

Integrations is a word that gets thrown around a lot. This lesson walks you through what they are, the “why” behind the integration types we have available, and how they might work together through IT Glue.

Documenting Apps & Services

In this lesson, we'll discuss the relationship between a Managed Service Provider and the Apps & Services it manages for their clients.

Creating a Culture of Documentation 

How do you create a strong and successful culture of documentation in your team? This lesson gives you the tools you need to get your team engaged as well as some best practices to make sure you get off to a successful start.


  • A user with at least "Read-Only" role in IT Glue (Lite users do not have access to the academy).
  • Ensure that both the first and last name fields are completed in your IT Glue account profile. These fields must be completed before you can access the Academy.
  • To do this, refer to our Edit your profile KB article.

Ready to Start? 

  1. Log in to your IT Glue account.
  2. Click on the Help section and then on Academy.

  3. On the Academy landing page, simply select the course and click Register.

More courses are coming! Stay on top of the latest by bookmarking the Academy landing page and our IT Glue Announcements page.
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