Employee onboarding checklist

Now that you know how to create a basic checklist, here is an example of a common industry checklist that you can create for an organization.

Building an Employee Onboarding Checklist

  1. Log in to your IT Glue account.
  2. Navigate to the organization you want to build a checklist for. If you are creating this as a generic checklist for your team to use with multiple clients, you will want to create it inside your own organization.


  3. In the left-hand menu, select Checklists and then click on + New > Checklist.


  4. Use the below title, description, and tasks as a guideline for this Employee Onboarding Checklist. Feel free to adjust any of the information to better fit your business needs.
    • Title - Employee Onboarding Checklist - [Employee name] - [Employee ID]
    • Description - All [company name] managers are required to review and complete this checklist with each new hire during the onboarding process.
    • Tasks - See below table

      Suggested Task Name Suggested Task Description
      Give employee tour of office / introductions
      • Ensure employee knows location of washrooms, kitchen, printers, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, emergency exits, and muster points
      • Introduce employee to key senior management, floor safety wardens, and teammates
      Show employee their workstation
      • Ensure employee has correct workstation login credentials
      • Ensure employee has all necessary tools and technology to commence work
      Complete company orientation
      • Company history and overview
      • Employee to read and sign Employee Handbook
      • Introduce employee to company intranet, email, and other software platforms
      • Review dress code, policies, and role expectations

Example of a fully built Employee Onboarding Checklist:


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