2019-09-06 - Announcing IT Glue Mobile App Enhancements - iOS

Announcing IT Glue Mobile App Enhancements - iOS

Last month, we announced several new mobile app enhancements. Now, these are ready for our iOS users.

Our IT Glue mobile app for iOS now supports barcode scanning for Configurations, the ability to browse and view all asset attachments, and uploading pictures you’ve taken on your phone directly into the app.

How does it work?

Barcode Scanning: Documentation on your client site walk now starts with your phone. Simply take a picture of a physical barcode while on site. The app will then scan and identify the barcode with the associated asset tag or serial number to return the associated configuration automatically.

Attachment Support: We’ve made information even easier to access while you’re on the move. This feature allows you to quickly view all associated attachments when you access an asset. You will also be able to preview these attachments.

Image Upload Support: Making best use of our smartphones, the IT Glue mobile app now supports users who want to take pictures on their phones and upload them directly into the associated asset.

Getting Started

For step-by-step guides on these new mobile features, take a look at these KB articles:

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