These instructions will help you document a firewall, so that you have everything you need to configure and troubleshoot the device.


  • Load the network attached devices in the client environment as configurations.
  • Import or create a document that shows the step-by-step instructions for configuring the firewall and site-to-site VPN access.


  1. From IT Glue, navigate to the organization that has the firewall.
  2. From the Configurations list view, find the firewall, open it, and then click Edit.
  3. Make sure most of the fields are completed (IP addresses, expiration, etc.), like you would with any other device you manage.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save.
  5. Under Attachments (right-hand side of screen), attach an export of the device's current config file.
  6. Under Embedded Passwords, add the web administration interface URL and management credentials.
  7. Under Related Items:
  • Add the directly connected devices—switches, router, etc.
  • Add the vendor (an organization with a "Vendor" type).
  • Add the document that has the instructions for configuring the firewall and site-to-site VPN access.

After that's done, you should have enough information to configure and troubleshoot just the device itself.

Additional Notes

  • The device's current maintenance/support agreement will be documented using the Licensing Flexible Asset which we'll introduce later in the Documentation Guide. You can then relate the licensing agreement information back to the firewall and it will show up under Related Items on the firewall.
  • You'll also find places to document more information about VPN access and network security, including inbound and outbound firewall rules in the Remote Access and Security Flexible Assets.
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