Copy and paste text and images from outside sources

These steps show how to manually copy and paste text and images from other sources in to the IT Glue document editor. 

Copying and pasting text

  1. From the source document or webpage, copy the text to your clipboard. You can copy and paste text using Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V in Windows and Cmd+C/Cmd+V in Mac OS X. You can also use the right-click context menu.


  2. Open Notepad and paste your text to strip it of images and almost all styling information.
  • Mac users: paste your text in to TextEdit and then click Format > Make Plain Text (Cmd+Shift+T) to strip out most of the styling.
  • Select this new simplified text in Notepad and copy it again.
  • From the target document in IT Glue, place your cursor in the content block (either a Text or a Step) that you want to insert the source content in and then paste in the text from your clipboard.
  • This will insert the text from the source document at the cursor in the target document. After that's done, you can format the text in the editor using headings, bulleted, or numbered lists, etc.

    Step 2 and 3 are recommended but not required. If you don't remove the pre-existing formatting and HTML code, you may notice layout problems after pasting the text in to IT Glue.

    Copying and pasting inline images

    The process is essentially the same.

    1. Highlight the image you want to copy and press Cmd/Ctrl+C on your keyboard. You can also use the right-click context menu.


    2. Then, paste the image (Cmd/Ctrl+V) in to the editor to insert it directly inline when editing.
    You can also take screenshots and paste them in IT Glue. Make sure your screenshot utility is configured so that screenshots are copied to the clipboard which you can paste from immediately. Mac users: press Cmd-Ctrl-Shift-4 to copy from the screen to the clipboard.

    A few notes

    • Always paste in images separately from the text. Otherwise, when pasting text and images from a webpage, you may find you only see image place-holders, not the actual image that appeared in each place-holder on the webpage.
    • If you experience other problems copying and pasting images from webpages, try copying from a different browser than the browser IT Glue is open in—or use the right-click context menu to open the image in a new tab and copy from the new tab. Otherwise, you may find your images are inserted as links that don't show up properly in IT Glue.
    • Copying text and images together from Word or other desktop apps is not supported. Copying multiple images together from Word or other desktop apps is also not supported.
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