What does the 'Display IT Glue IP addresses...' checkbox do?

At the bottom of the Account > Settings screen, we ask you if you want to display IT Glue IP addresses in addition to RMM IP addresses. This setting impacts all configurations in your account.

In this context, an IT Glue IP address refers to an IP address that is in IT Glue, but not in your RMM. Additional IP addresses are often typed directly in to IT Glue (or your PSA) because they are not detected by the RMM agent. An example might be an IP address for a secondary network interface.

Not checking the box

If you decide to leave this box unchecked, only IP addresses coming from the RMM agent data will be shown in the configuration view. If the IP addresses in your account are out of date, you may want to leave the box unchecked. The same data continues to be visible using the Compare Data feature regardless of whether this setting is turned on.

If the IP address coming from the RMM is identical to an IT Glue IP address, some additional information about the IP address will be shown, if available, including the flag identifying the primary IP, the text in the Name/Slot field, and any manually entered notes.

Example: With Display IT Glue IP addresses... box unchecked


Checking the box

If you check the box, any additional IP addresses will be displayed. Note that a full sync is required to make the changes take effect.

Example: With Display IT Glue IP addresses... box checked


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