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You can use the IT Glue Mobile App to view passwords in your IT Glue account. This will allow you to see all your passwords on the go, without the need for a workstation.

Accessing Passwords

  1. Log in to the IT Glue mobile app to be directed to the Organizations screen. All favorited organizations will appear first in the list and will be marked with a star icon.
  2. Tap to select the organization you want to view.
  3. In the asset menu screen, tap on the Passwords option.
  4. Tap the desired password. You can now view all information for the selected password.
    1. If the password is vaulted, you will be prompted to enter your Vault passphrase in the following scenarios:
      • Viewing the password record and tapping the show password button (eye icon).
      • Tapping and holding the password record to copy it.
Tip! To copy the password to your clipboard, tap and hold on the "dots". Tap the eye icon to reveal the password. Note that you are not able to copy or view embedded passwords.


For more information on how to access Vault and setup your unique user passphrase, visit our KB article here.

A note on searching for passwords

If your IT Glue administrator has set up a Password Access Workflow, please note that clicking the Show password button or the Copy to clipboard icon on a password’s search result will trigger a notification indicating that you have viewed or copied the password in question. Also, depending on the filters set by your Administrator, clicking Show Password or the Copy to clipboard icon will also trigger a notification.

Accessing OTP

If the password has an OTP code generated for it, you can view and copy the OTP (tap and hold on the OTP). Tap the eye icon to view the six-digit string as well as the remaining time of validity. Tap the eye icon again to hide the string and time bar. Note that you will need to log into the web app if you want to create an OTP code for a password that does not have one.


Creating new passwords

  1. In the Passwords main screen, tap on the Create Password button.


  2. In the Create Password page, complete the following fields:
      1. NameGive your password a descriptive name (e.g. Alarm Code, Fedex Pickup Login, Staples Login, Adobe Creative Cloud Login, etc.)
      2. CategoryStart typing to search and select a relevant category.
      3. UsernameEnter the username associated with the password.
      4. PasswordClick Generate to auto-create a strong password. Once generated, you can click the eye icon to toggle visibility. Alternatively, you can manually enter a password.
      5. URLIf this is an online account, enter the URL of the website you’ll be accessing. Be sure to include http(s):// or www. at the beginning of the URL. Otherwise, the link will not be clickable in the mobile app.
      6. NotesEnter any other useful information in the Notes area (e.g. account numbers, loyalty program numbers, etc.)


  3. Tap Save.
Important. Keep in mind that the mobile app does not have the permissions feature implemented currently. Any passwords created from within the mobile app can be accessed by anyone in IT Glue with access to the organization the password is created in. Please use the web app to change the permissions.

Viewing Attachments

  1. In the list asset list view, tap on the paperclip icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.


  2. Scroll through the list and tap on the attachment in the list to view its details.


Uploading/viewing images as attachments

  1. In the asset list view, tap on the paperclip icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap on the plus icon to either:
    1. Take a new picture immediately (camera icon) or,
    2. Add an existing picture from your phone's image gallery (portrait icon).
      Note: You will need to accept any prompts to enable camera and/or image gallery access.


  3. Once you have taken or selected the image, you will be directed to the Configuration screen. Confirm the upload was done correctly.
  4. To view an image, tap on the item in the list. Exit the image preview by tapping the X at the top-right corner of the screen.


Note: If the photo exceeds 100MB, you will need to resize it before re-upload.

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