2019-09-30 - Announcing IT Glue’s New Dark Mode

We are pleased to announce that one of our most-requested features is now released. Now introducing: Dark Mode for IT Glue.

What are some benefits of Dark Mode?

Whether you just want a sleeker, more sophisticated look or want to improve the visual ergonomics of your work environment, our newest theme will do the trick. Dark Mode is especially beneficial for those who work long hours in low lighting. Not only can you ease the strain on your eyes, save some battery life on your device too.

How does it work?

For IT Glue Administrators:

Dark Mode, along with our other two existing themes, can be automatically applied on an account-wide basis by an IT Glue administrator. Simply navigate to Account > Settings > Theme tab to select a theme. This selected theme will automatically apply to all users in that account unless they choose otherwise.

For more details, refer to our Account settings for Managers and Administrators KB article.

For all IT Glue Users:

Enjoy the freedom of choice. Select your personal favourite theme for your own IT Glue instance. Depending on your preference or work hours, toggle between our three themes, Default (Purple/White), Classic (Black/White), and Dark (Black/Charcoal), to meet your needs. With user-based preferences, you choose how you want IT Glue to look in your instance.

For more details, refer to our Edit your profile KB article.

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