Where to document various IT assets

The following table will give you a starting place for understanding how you might structure your documentation in IT Glue to document the full IT architecture.

If the asset is... Then document it in...
Active Directory Active Directory
Active Directory security groups Security Groups
Anti-Virus Security
Application Applications
Backup Backup
Carrier/ISP Internet/WAN
Circuit Aggregation Internet/WAN
Domain Domain Tracker
Domain Registrar General Password
Email Email
Facility Information Site Summary
File Sharing File Sharing
Internal Domain/DNS Active Directory
Internet/WAN/Circuit Internet/WAN
Intranet Site Applications
IP Addressing LAN
LOB Application Applications
Local Area Network (Subnets, VPNs) LAN
Network Cabling LAN
Phone System/PBX Voice/PBX
Printers, Scanners, Plotters Printing
Remote Access (VPN, Webmail) Remote Access
Server Topology LAN
Software Licensing Licensing
SPAM filter Email, Security
SSL Certificate SSL Tracker
Vendors Vendors
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Security, Remote Access
Virtualization/VMware/Hyper-V Virtualization
Wireless Wireless

Relationship mapping tables

The following tables list the assets that should be related to each other for functional reasons. For more information about using related items/tagging to map relationships between the different assets, see our Relationship mapping (related items/tagging) article.

If device is... Then relate it to...
Physical Servers Applications, LAN
Virtual Servers Applications, LAN
Firewall Security, Remote Access
Switch LAN
WAP Wireless
Printer/Scanner Printing
NAS/SAN/DAS* File Sharing

* Network-attached storage (NAS), storage area networks (SAN), and direct-attached storage (DAS).

If flexible asset is... Then relate it to...
Active Directory Configurations
Applications Configurations, Contacts, Passwords, Vendors
Backup Configurations, Applications, Documents
Email Configurations, Applications, Documents, Domains, Passwords and more
File Sharing Configurations, Applications, Contacts, Documents, Security
Internet/WAN Firewalls, Security
LAN Configurations
Licensing Applications, Contacts, Vendors
Printing Configurations
Remote Access Configurations, Security
Security Configurations, Contacts, Vendors
Virtualization Configurations
Voice/PBX Configurations, Applications, Vendors
Wireless Configurations, Security, LAN
If you have any questions about where to document other assets, a great place to ask them is in our community! There is a whole section just for flexible asset questions and ideas.

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