Embed video and web-based content

These steps will help you learn the basics of embedding web-based content from third-party sources in IT Glue documents.

Services such as Wistia, Vimeo, and YouTube provide iframe code that you can copy and paste into the Embed Media tool within a document. This makes it easy to add videos and other third-party content directly to your documents. The example in this article uses a video that is hosted on Vimeo.com and embedded with an iframe.

To embed your third-party content in a document:

  1. Navigate to the web object you would like to embed in your document and follow the publishing instructions recommended by the third-party platform. Any content will have to be published to the web first.
  2. Next, copy the HTML embed code (usually found within a share menu).

  3. Create a document in IT Glue and add a Text or Step content block.
  4. Click the embed_media.png (Embed Media icon) from the editing toolbar.
  5. Paste in the HTML embed code from the third-party service and click the checkmark to add it to your document.


Your iframe may work fine and show up immediately on the page, or it may not display anything until you publish. Not all content works as an iframe. Copy and paste an embed code into the Embed Media tool and publish the document to determine the code's compatibility with IT Glue and the browser.

IT Glue doesn’t prevent you from displaying content inside an iframe, though for security reasons, we do not allow your iframe to contain any <script> tags. IT Glue also has protection to stop itself being displayed in an iframe.

Example showing a public document with an embedded video:


If you make the document public, you’ll have a URL that you can send to anyone. The uses for this feature are based on your imagination and access to web-based embed codes. Generally speaking, content from Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube, Lucidchart, and Wufoo (forms) should all successfully display in public documents.

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