2019-10-29 - Announcing Office Cloud Editor & New Configuration Fields

We are excited to announce Office Cloud Editor for IT Glue and introduce two new configuration fields that you can use to enrich your documentation.

Office Cloud Editor

For our Enterprise partners in North America, you can now edit your GlueFiles using the Microsoft Office Cloud editing interface. For our EU partners, please stay tuned for the upcoming release in your area!

In the Document list view in IT Glue, all editable documents will show an Office icon next to its title. Simply click the icon to open the document in a new tab. Once you enter your Microsoft login credentials, you can start editing. Changes are auto-saved in IT Glue. You can check the save status at the top bar when in the edit screen. Also, storage of the document remains in IT Glue. For more details, refer to our Office Cloud Editor KB article.

Cut down the manual effort involved in downloading your documents to make edits, only to have to re-upload them again. Save time, edit using Microsoft’s familiar styling and formatting capabilities, and have all your work save automatically in IT Glue as you edit.

New Configuration Fields - ‘Connected to’ and ‘Port’

To enhance how you document your configurations, we have added the new ‘Connected to’ and ‘Port’ fields. The ‘Connected to’ field allows you to add and modify connected devices per configuration interface. The ‘Port’ field allows you to capture the port information per configuration interface. In addition, you can easily add configuration information from your RMM and Network Glue into the configuration edit fields with the click of a button.

Take your documentation to another level with these two much-requested fields for your configurations. With this information, you can troubleshoot even faster and more efficiently. For more information, refer to our Configurations KB article.

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