What flexible asset templates are available?

The following templates are available for download within the app:

Flexible Asset Description
Site Summary Used to give an overview of basic information to help your team get to know the client organization.
Active Directory Provides the authentication information for a Windows domain type network.
Email Details the email infrastructure with links to all the component parts.
Applications Creates a full listing of any cloud based, on-premise, client-server, and client only applications.
File Sharing Details the standard file shares on the network and how each mapped drive is added (manually, GPO, etc.).
Printing Captures the printing infrastructure with links to all the component parts.
Backup Details information for a specific backup solution with links to the component parts.
LAN Details specific LAN and VLAN configurations, including the various physical and logical components.
Internet/WAN Captures any ISP/WAN/VPN information that is useful for resolving internet/WAN issues.
Wireless Documents the wireless solution at a specific site.
Security Provides your team with all of the security related information, including firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spam, and password standards.
Remote Access Captures all methods of remote access in one place (VPN, Webmail).
Virtualization Details the virtualization/VMware/Hyper-V infrastructure with links to all the component parts.
Voice/PBX Gives an overall picture of a specific voice solution with links to all the component parts.
Sales/Finance Stores any sales or finance preferences for that client.
Licensing Captures software licensing information from individual software instances to volume site licenses.
Vendors Creates a full listing of vendors with each vendor contact kept updated from one central place (e.g. through your PSA).

For download instructions, see Quick guide for flexible assets.

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