2019-10-31 - Announcing Vault, Network Glue Auto-documentation & QuickPass Password Rotation

Vault (Limited Release)

We are pleased to announce a limited release of our new Vault! In this limited release program, interested partners are able to enable an additional security layer to their most sensitive passwords. The Vault (Host-proof hosting or local-only encryption/decryption) allows a user to encrypt and decrypt passwords exclusively at the endpoint in the user's browser with a user-specific passphrase.

The Vault gives each user total control with a user-based passphrase, not an organization-based passphrase that every employee shares. Having a user-based passphrase means that only the user has the decryption key to the Vault and that the encrypted Vault passwords are meaningless to anyone without the user-specific decryption key. This also means an IT Glue administrator doesn’t have to change the passphrase every time an employee leaves.

This limited release is an early preview of this feature. If you would like to participate in the limited release program, please reach out to your IT Glue Administrator who can obtain more details from an IT Glue Account Manager.

Please stay tuned for for the wide release of this feature!

Network Glue Auto-documentation: Connections and Ports

Just a few days ago, we introduced two new Configuration fields called ‘Connected to’ and ‘Port’. These much-requested fields further enhance your configuration documentation and help streamline your troubleshooting process so you make the most of your time.

Now, Network Glue will automatically document all connections and ports in structured fields within their configurations. Save time from having to manually document this information and have peace of mind knowing that it is always up-to-date. For more details, refer to our Enriching IT Glue Configurations with Network Glue Data KB article here.

Quickpass Password Rotation

With the Quickpass API Integration, tackle how you manage Active Directory passwords. In the integration, you have the ability to reset passwords for your service accounts and domain admin account within one admin interface as well as auto-update Active Directory passwords to IT Glue. All of this means you can centrally manage your client’s passwords and save time as you only have to remember to change the password in one place.

We’re excited to introduce the newest element of this integration - automatic password rotation. Passwords will now auto-rotate on an interval, frequency, and password complexity of your choosing. To set up this new feature, you will need to complete the IT API Glue Integration Setup Guide and then follow Quickpass’s documentation found here.

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