2017-05-16 Partner Webinar - Q2 (Video)


New Integrations

What’s Here Now

What's Near

  • In-app PDF Preview
  • @mention in Documents
  • Restore from Activity Logs
  • Notification Filtering
  • Multi-User Invite
  • Customized Sidebar

Future Integrations

  • Jamf Pro
  • Watchman Monitoring
  • Cisco Meraki

Slightly Further Out

  • European data centre with migration service
  • Export to PDF, PDF Runbooks
  • Tables Upgrade (bulk actions, custom columns, better filtering)
  • Flexible Asset Revision History
  • API - Flexible Assets
  • MyGlue
    • Originally slated for IT Nation 2016
    • Browser Plug-in
    • Mobile Apps (iOS/Android)
    • Resell, control billing, set pricing

Documentation Scripts

A collection of scripts (primarily PowerShell) for documenting client networks and infrastructure. These have been written by our PAC member Caleb Albers of Keystone Technologies.

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