Access Your Billing Portal

IT Glue has introduced a new way to view invoice and payment history. 

You may have received a notice inviting you to view your IT Glue invoices at Billing Portal*. The email invite has been sent from to the address on your billing profile, it looks like this:

"Thanks for signing up to IT Glue. You've made a great choice!

To simplify your billing process, you can create an account in our billing portal, Chargify, via the link below. Once you've set up an account you can access both past and present invoices at any time."
*On June 14, you may have received and email that contained the following text:
"You have been invited to manage your IT Glue subscription at
Accepting this invitation will allow you to view your current and past invoices.
Simply click below to get started!"
This portal gives you secure access to your account's invoice history. Payment details are still managed by Administrators and Managers in IT Glue, at Account > Billing.
Note: The portal will ONLY operate with the email address you have specified in IT Glue > Account > Billing.

Steps to create an account

  1. Accept the email invitation.
  2. Create your credentials.


  3. Store your credentials in IT Glue secured to your finance team.
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