2019-07-10 IT Glue Product Update - Q2 (Video)


Recent Releases

Network Glue:

  • July 10, 2019 - WIDE RELEASE: Network Glue is now officially available for all IT Glue partners to purchase.
  • New features released last week:
    • Collapse/Expand Diagram Nodes: Expand or hide nodes and their associated connections on the diagram to pinpoint what you're looking for.
    • Enrich Diagram with PSA Device Type: All unknown devices will now display a device type logo based on PSA data. This enriches the network diagram with even more information.
    • Enrich Diagram Sidepane Data: When there is a match between a Network Glue device and an IT Glue configuration, the sidepane will now display data from IT Glue, your RMM and PSA, and Network Glue. All your information is displayed in one, consolidated view.
    • Visually Identify Non-Matched Devices: Any devices that can't be matched automatically will now be easily identifiable on your network diagram. Be able to quickly deduce what actions you need to take during troubleshooting.
    • Display List of Non-SNMP Enabled Devices: Neatly display a list of devices that don't have SNMP enabled. Easily target which devices you need to troubleshoot to get better network diagram results.


  • MyGlue Default Permissions (v1) - NOW LIVE: IT Glue admin are now able to enable a default setting making it so that any password created by a MyGlue user would only be visible to that original creator.

New Integrations

Network Detective & Reporter Appliance Integration:

  • A new API-based integration between the Reporter Appliance and IT Glue writes data collected by the Reporter directly into IT Glue. This allows you to streamline your applications and services. The data is then synced as structured documentation and flexible assets are created automatically.

Near Release

Mobile App:

  • Barcode Scanning: Soon, you can take a picture of a physical barcode while on site. The app will then scan and identify the code to return the associated configuration automatically.
  • Attachment Support: Get ready for the ability to support attachments in the app. You will also be able to preview these attachments making data retrieval easier than ever.
  • Image Upload Support: We are already building a way to support users who want to take pictures on their phones while on site and upload them directly into their IT Glue app.

Chrome Extension Autofill Username & Password: 

  • You asked for a way to autofill credentials that you've stored in IT Glue into the associated website. We plan to automate this process by detecting when specific webpages require stored credentials and then autofill it from IT Glue.

Coming Soon

  • Sync Autotask Locations: We are working on a way to address the new locations functionality introduced by Autotask in late 2018.
  • Platform-Wide Performance Improvements: We continue to make improvements behind-the-scenes to ensure the IT Glue stays fast, efficient, and that our platform remains scalable as we continue to grow.
  • Passwords: Passwords are our most-accessed Asset Type. Over the next few quarters, you will see our increased focus on providing enhancements for passwords.
    • Complex Passwords: Soon, we will support complex passwords via account-wide settings and provide additional options such as case sensitivity and special characters.
    • Password Folders: Password folders will be made available across all our platforms so you can structure and segment your passwords within specific folders for an extra level of granularity. You can also set permissions on a folder-level and have them cascade down.
    • Simple Password Resets: In a partnership with Quickpass, an upcoming integration will simplify the process of password resets to rid your queue of some of the most common tickets. IT Glue and MyGlue users will be able to reset their passwords with the click of a button without having to engage their IT team.
    • Auto Password Rotation: Also together with Quickpass, we are bringing you another integration that will automate the process for rotating passwords. This upcoming integration will trigger the change of a password in the Active Directory based on the password expiration workflow mentioned above.
    • Password Expiration Workflow: Take total control of managing your passwords with an expiration workflow. Be automatically alerted when a password has breached a specific time threshold.
  • MyGlue enhancements:
    • MyGlue Default Permissions (v2): Coming soon, V2 will provide additional security permission options for MyGlue passwords. You will have the option to apply a default share to either MyGlue groups/users or IT Glue groups whenever a MyGlue user creates a new password. In addition, MSPs will have the ability to have MyGlue assets shared with them by default.
    • Enforce MFA per MyGlue Account: This is the ability to enforce MFA for each of your chosen client MyGlue accounts. With two-factor authentication, MyGlue is raising its security standards even higher.

Upcoming for this year

Network Glue enhancements:

  • New Configuration Fields - Network Diagram Customization: Have the ability to add port and connected device details to your configuration in IT Glue.
  • Enrich Diagram Sidepane with AD Data: Be able to show additional Active Directory data within the network diagram to enhance our configuration data beyond what PSAs and RMMs provide today.
  • Group by Device Type: On your network diagram, group devices of the same type together and then collapse them all at once.

Special Promos

  • Available until July 26, 2019

Request for Input on Future Ideas

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